Security Assessment Services

Ongoing assessments and reviews, built to maintain compliance, continual visibility and control.

Our tailored services enable our customers to get full visibility into their current security posture, as well as working with them to create and maintain the highest levels of security possible

  • Security Audits - CyberSight Security Audits have been built to give our customers visibility and assurance over their current security posture; to enable them to fully utilise controls which are already in-place, and further assist in conforming to technology and compliance requirements. CyberSight are focused on delivering collaborative audits which assesses your business against a set of industry-proven cyber security controls.
  • Security Testing & Incident Response - We offer a comprehensive range of Security Testing and Incident Response Services, including Penetration Testing, RED Team operations and Compromise Assessments
  • Vulnerability Management - Pinpoint key vulnerabilities without the pain of hunting for a needle in a haystack. CyberSight offer a complete Vulnerability Management Service, enabling you to have a simple list of key areas to focus on, highlighting exploitability, and the specific risk to your network
  • Phishing as a Service - Gain key insights into security awareness throughout your business and enable on the spot training to enhance security throughout your workforce